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Before I Keep COMPLETELY Forgetting...

Two of the local writers appearing in QDA: A DISABILITY ANTHOLOGY will be on Fresh Fruit (KFAI) at 7:00PM tonight. One of them is Lucas Schleek, and the other one is me.
Happy Birthday Sharon!
Ya know, despite all the thrashing about regarding the SJW/Puppy contremps not one extra house was built or person fed. I think this counts as a "fail".
George is "REMINDING" me that I forgot the cat food when I went to SuperAmerica earlier.

Sigh... That means I have to put my pants back on. AGAIN!
Sometimes Christians just piss me the fuck off.

It's A Party!

Come celebrate the launch of
with six writers from the book!

The writers are: D Allen, David Cummer, Arthur Durkee, Raymond Luczak, Lucas Scheelk, and Nola Weber.

Saturday, November 7, 2015
7 - 8:30 p.m.

3010 Minnehaha Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55406

This event is FREE and ASL interpreted.

Tactile interpreting or audio description requests must be made by Friday, October 9th to QDAeditor@gmail.com.

This event is made possible by:

Middle English Interpreting: middle-english.com
Patrick’s Cabaret: patrickscabaret.org
Squares & Rebels: squaresandrebels.com

Picture credits: D. Allen (Grey Doolin/Greyspace Photography) |
Raymond Luczak (Andrew Bertke, Everett Allen Photography)

...and here are the two parts of their interview with him:


Answer for question 4483.

How do you feel about online dating? Do you think it is easier to meet people online, or would you rather have the experience of meeting them in person?
Go away

Aug. 11th, 2015

Someone from LAVENDER MAGAZINE returned my phone message requesting their office hours by asking me to give them a call back...

They couldn't just GIVE ME their hours???

Aug. 10th, 2015

My love for LAVENDER MAGAZINE knows no bound. I called to check their office hours and I had to leave a message BECAUSE IT'S NOT ON THEIR OUTGOING MESSAGE...